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Glory to God in the highest
and on earth… peace, goodwill among men…

Happy New Year Everyone!

       In my old-age, I have discovered that time goes by more quickly… multi-tasking doesn’t happen anymore… and almost everything I do now takes twice as long! So… that being said… this year we’re sending out a Happy New Year letter instead of a Christmas letter. Hopefully, next year we will begin writing it in July!

       Jer and I actually made it to a few of grandson Malakai and Leo’s basketball games in January. Jer also experienced a fun evening at a Mystery Party dressed as a 1930’s singer where they all tried to determine “whodunit”!

       We enjoyed some fun visits with son Todd and family in February when grandkid’s Parker and Trista played in several different tournaments. Later in the month, daughter Denise and Eric blessed us again with tickets to the Taproot Theatre productions in Seattle. It’s wonderful… they drive and we ride!

       March brought a special birthday party in Anchorage, AK before we realized it was Iditarod opening weekend! The party was wonderful, but the trip home became a crazy 24-hour whirlwind that included a midnight checkout, speeding to the airport, sleeping on the floor of a closed airport and praying for the last two seats out of Juneau! We also attended the annual Auburn Valley Humane Society Gala that month with grandson Byron. It’s always a fun night for a great cause!

       In April, Jer made a trip to daughter Lynn and Ken’s in CA, we took our folding chairs to grandson Korban’s baseball games, grandson Parker started playing Lacrosse in Spokane, and Trista played more basketball. Other exciting news was daughter Denise, Eric, Kiana and Korban headed to Israel. Nana stayed with Malakai and Leo and eagerly watched for daily Facebook postings!

       May brought two trips to Yakima to watch Parker and Trista play AAU tournament basketball. Mother’s Day roses were handed out when Trista finished.

       June brought a family “end of school” trip to Cannon Beach, Jer’s birthday celebration in CA with daughter Lynn and family, and Hoopfest in Spokane.

       In July, Jer took his first trip to St. Louis to see sister Nan and her daughter Sara and Mike. He returned home, repacked, and left for Boston to visit son Matt, daughter Lisa in NH, and Cousin Laurie in Maine. While there, he also went to a Red Sox game with grandson Logan in Fenway Park. He finished up the month with three more Red Sox games in Seattle’s Safeco Field. Meanwhile, Carole celebrated another birthday and more soccer tournaments with Parker and Trista.

       August was another fun month with the grandkiddo’s swimming, going to church camp, and VBS. It’s always wacky and wonderful when the cousins get together!

       September began with Jer and Eric heading east again… but this time to Green Bay and an NFL Seahawks/Packers game. Later in the month, we saw Casting Crowns and 2 “blast from the past” concerts with Earth, Wind and Fire, Doobie Bros. and the Eagles. Jer and Denise did some bike riding, Leo amazed us playing soccer, and Carole flew to Spokane for son Todd’s 50th surprise birthday party!

       Jer visited son Mike and daughter Lynn, Ken, Kai and Zoe in CA again in October. Kai keeps busy with hockey and making videos… and Zoe loves playing “Authors” with grandpa, reading, and ballet. Later in the month, we joined the Kliskey family for dinner out and “Aladdin” at the Paramount.

      November brought Jer and Carole needed exercise with the Auburn 5K “Turkey Trot” followed by a BIG delicious family Thanksgiving dinner at Denise and Eric’s… and then in December, Carole’s Cousin Mike delighted us with a very quick visit!

       We are both studying the Book of Romans in Bible Study Fellowship this year and Jer continues playing bridge two days a week. The kiddos keep Nana busy after school three days a week and Bunco remains her once a month night out.

       Know we love you and are very thankful you’re a part of our lives.  You’ll find some of our year 2017 photos at Year 2017 In Pictures   Happy New Year!   May 2018 be a year of deep love, renewed faith and hope, immense joy, amazing blessings, continual learning… and better time management (especially for me).

With Love and Warm Hugs,

Jer and Carole
"God Bless Us Each and Everyone"