Carole and Jerry Carpenter
We live in AUBURN, WA

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Jerry ~ "JerBear", "Carp", Grandpa, Papa, Dad, Wonderful Husband, Best Friend

Me and My Toys

Here are some words which describe me. Fun-loving, spontaneous, creative, innovative, knowledge sharing, health conscious, flexible, family connected, challenged, adventuresome, intellectually curious. Please feel free to visit the Carpenter and the  Ewing genealogy home pages in our list of Web sites below.
Carole ~ "CC", Nana, Grandma, Mom, Fantastic Wife, Soulmate

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I believe in recognizing and celebrating life and uniqueness! Living in the moment and appreciating all that is around me. Finding the BEST in every given and receiving love, support and acknowledgement. Discovering and experiencing delight along "The Path" as I explore, trust, understand, accept and believe. I fully participate in the "Game of Life" with fun, tenacity and challenge. I believe in the concepts of "NAMASTE", What Goes Around Comes Around, and Home Is Where The Heart Is.... But most important, I believe in GOD and thank and praise Him for the many wonderful blessings He has given me throughout my life.

Here is a little about us:

We lived 4 years in Moscow, Russia, working in the computer business and traveling across Eastern Europe and the republics of the former Soviet Union. We have also lived in Warsaw, Poland; Tbilisi, Georgia; Kiev, Ukraine; and Yerevan, Armenia. We speak conversational Russian and appreciate the history and culture of this part of the world very much. We enjoy family, exercise, gardening, nutrition, reading, personal development seminars, spirituality, travel, current films, different cultures, adventure, and playing on the computer. We have seven terrific grown children and fifteen delightful grandchildren.

Pages we like to visit

  1. Left Behind Series
  2. Eternal Perspective Ministries
  3. International Executive Service Corps
  4. Prints and Gifts by Mimi Gregoire Carpenter
  5. YWAM in Ethiopia
  6. Bonney Lake Community Church
  7. Lakeland HOA in Auburn, WA
Carp & CC ~ Working & Playing
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