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Emmanuel, Emmanuel … God incarnate, here to dwell
Emmanuel, Emmanuel … Praise His name Emmanuel

     Here we are once again… fireplace on and all snuggled in, sipping coffee nudges, writing our annual Christmas letter and being reminded of how incredibly BLESSED we are! From our home to yours… Merry Christmas Dear Ones!

     This year, our letter will be a little different because we’re not sure what “normal” even looks like anymore! Our children and grandchildren tend to keep us very busy with lots of activities on their “things to do” list and we love it! We are slowing down a bit… well at least I am… but Jer, on the other hand, is training for a triathlon event next summer! We are both vaxed and doing well except for a little A-fib and shortness of breath on my part!

     We celebrated many fun highlights and activities this year, centered mostly on personal accomplishments, kiddo drop-ins and family game nights; birthdays, anniversaries and special dinners out; Red Sox/Mariners games; grandkids participating in nearby sporting events, school programs and drivers ed/test completions. Nana and Papa began the year completing the virtual Walt Disney World Marathon 5K race… and then cheered loudly as daughter, Denise completed the rest of the virtual 10K, half, and full marathon weekend runs in our Lakeland Hills neighborhood. We played “Whack-a-Peep” on Easter and granddaughter Karma was able to visit us for a week and do her school classes on-line. Daughter Lynn and granddaughter, Zoe were here celebrating Jer’s birthday, taking bike rides and cooking delicious meals at the end of the rides. Nana “dog sat” while the Kliskey’s used their lottery selection to hike “The Wave” in the Coyote Buttes North area of the Utah Arizona border… and son, Todd and Kristen came over several times for grandkid’s Parker and Trista’s soccer games. In July, Carole actually did another 3 mile walk with Jer and grandson Malakai before her surprise birthday dinner. Jer and Denise rode the Kitsap Color Classic together in September (this course was only 35 miles, but had over 2000 ft. of climbing) and he also did the Great Pumpkin Bike Ride before it got too cold! He has now begun spin classes at the local “Y” in place of riding outside. Bridge has started again at the Senior Center and Carole is back to playing Bunko once a month… so maybe we actually are getting back to a little normalcy.

     Bible study remains near and dear to our hearts… and technology has been a true Godsend during all the pandemic rules. We are both actively studying the Gospel of Matthew this year in our Bible Study Fellowship class on Zoom and Jer is doing an additional Zoom Bible study weekly with men from our church. They have been studying the Old Testament book of Daniel. The prophecies in this book are truly miraculous! After several years of consideration, Carole began hosting a neighborhood weekly women’s Scripture reading in our home this summer. We are reading devotionals as well as the Gospel of Luke. What a sweet blessing it has been getting to know each other a little better, praying together, and filling our hearts and minds with God’s Word, reassurance and goodness.

     Our Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Kliskey’s again this year with 14 of us enjoying a delicious 23 pound turkey with all the trimmings… followed by yummy desserts and a hilarious new family game! It was extra special this year because of Elizabeth, their foreign exchange student from Kenya.

     The days are getting shorter and shorter… and it’s getting harder and harder to stay up past 10PM, but life is really good and we are so grateful you’re a part of ours. We love you and wish you a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS. We pray your New Year overflows with renewed hope, reassuring faith, restful peace, abundant joy and the deep love that comes with knowing JESUS. If you’re interested, you will find this year’s family photos at 2021 Photos

     May the LORD bless you and keep you; make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace. Amen, Amen, Amen!

With Love and Warm Hugs,

Jer and Carole

"God Bless Us Each and Everyone"