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Thanks Be To God For His Indescribable Gift – 2 Cor 9:15

Hi Everyone! Either I’m moving a lot slower these days or time is moving by a lot faster… probably both… but it seems like summer was just yesterday!

      2019 began with a trip for Jer to Boston and a Celtics game at TD Garden. Sons Mike and Matt joined in the fun and the Celtics won… doesn’t get any better than that! Granddaughter Kiana went on a mission trip to Thailand and daughter Denise ran another “Dopey” Challenge at the Walt Disney World Marathon while Jer and I encouraged both from our living room seats!

     Grandchildren’s sports have kept us busy this year cheering for baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, flag football, basketball, wrestling and ice hockey. We may not have always been there in person, but we have definitely been there in love, thought and spirit!

     February and March brought a tunnel bike ride, a big snowstorm, and Mariners/Red Sox baseball at T-Mobile Park. The Mariners took 3 of 4 games in that opening series! It was also great to see grandkids Parker and Trista and daughter-in-law Kristen here for a couple different tournaments during the year.

     In April, Carole and BFF Patty relaxed at Seaside. OR while Jer flew to Phoenix to visit Aunt Jackie, Uncle Chuck and Cousin Beth. We also attended another “whodunit” Mystery Party and enjoyed Grandparents Day with Zoe at her Waldorf School in Sacramento. I always love the month of May and celebrating our Russian wedding anniversary. What an amazing 24 years it has been!

     We celebrated Jer’s big eight-zero birthday in June at Cannon Beach, OR. It was a memorable weekend for all of us! Our children; Lynn and family, Mike, Todd and family, and Denise and family joined us. Lisa, Matt and Lilli were not able to attend the birthday bash, but came for a visit in July instead when we had a chance to ride bikes, visit Mt. Rainier National Park and play in downtown Seattle.

     Vacation Bible School, summer BBQ’s with daughter Jani and family, and cousins playing together in the Kliskey pool filled our lazy, hot summer days. Jer on the other hand, discovered a census job opportunity, applied for and completed the training, and then worked for two months!

     Carole enjoyed her 55th class reunion in September… but the biggest news is she discovered a half-brother through 23andMe. DNA testing is incredible! Denise and I flew to Washington D.C. and met him in October! Rob is a really nice guy whom I’m proud to call my little brother. Would love to spend more time with him.

     Our school age grandchildren remain incredibly busy with church, studies, sports and outside activities. Kiana just got her driver’s license. Korban just started high school wrestling and Malakai and Leo are learning Latin. All four are enrolled at Veritas Classical Christian School this year. Kai is enrolled at Tahoe Prep Hockey Academy. We saw him play this month in San Jose… exciting and impressive! Trista, Parker and Lilli are each amazing athletes. Wish they lived closer so we could attend their games. Karma loves art, animals and DIY projects. Great-grandson Remi has begun preschool and likes it so far. Each are a ray of sunshine and are growing up much too quickly! We are incredibly blessed!

     Finally… we enjoy regular events that we are able to do: bridge twice weekly for Jer, Bunco monthly for Carole, and weekly Bible Study Fellowship for both of us. We also deeply appreciate our time with family, attending school events, and going to Taproot Theatre with daughter Denise and Eric.

     We wish you a Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy 2020! You can find some of our year 2019 photos at Year 2019 In Pictures.  We love you and are very grateful you’re a part of our lives. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! We pray GOD’s love and light shines brightly this beautiful Holy season as we are all reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. May your New Year overflow with renewed hope, reassuring faith, amazing peace, immense joy and the deep love that comes with knowing JESUS.

With Love and Warm Hugs,

Jer and Carole
"God Bless Us Each and Everyone"