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Trusting God and doing life in remembrance of Him…

Our sermon last Sunday was centered on recognizing the incredible freedom we are given in Christ; trusting God… and learning to please and enjoy Him forever. Thank you, LORD, for your amazing love and grace… for our undeserved gift of salvation and eternal life …
and most of all… for JESUS!

       Can you believe it’s here already? MERRY CHRISTMAS, everybody! We’ve had a crazy, busy, amazing, extraordinary, exhausting and unforgettable year that can be summed up in three words: exercise, exercise and exercise… but the BIG news is… Jer did Ironman Canada! Daughter Denise and I were there… in Whistler, BC, cheering him on! But first… we should probably start at the beginning…

       Our year began with Jer swimming regularly in Lake Tapps at the break of dawn! He also ran the Ft Steilacoom Resolution 5K… and then the 10K later in the month with Denise.

        In February, he did the Steilacoom 15K run and Chilly Hilly, the 2,191 feet bike climb. Burrrrrr… it took him all day to thaw out from that one!

       In March, he did the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K, the Tacoma St. Paddy’s 10K and the Steilacoom 20K. Needless to say… he has a LOT of new t-shirts!

       April brought a fun run on Whidbey Island. I did the 5K while Jer and Denise ran the half marathon. I actually finished before them this time! The next day, Jer did the Daffodil Classic 100K bike tour. He also made a quick trip to California to visit daughter Lynn, Ken, Kai and Zoe.

        Mother’s Day found us in Yakima attending granddaughter Trista’s basketball tournament. The following weekend, Jer made another trip to CA for the Tour of California combining exercise and play. When he returned home, he rode the Seven Hills of Kirkland 100K.

       June brought a little family time in New Hampshire when Jer did the 5K Rye by the Sea with daughter Lisa and son Matt. Carole, Denise and the grand-kiddo’s did a fun 3K walk/run at grandson Byron’s high school and Jer finished the month with a 100 mile Tour de Paws bike ride. I get exhausted just thinking about it!

       Daughter Denise and Eric blessed us with tickets to several Tap Root Theater productions this year. I now know how Miss Daisy felt with her chauffer and evenings on the town.

       Vacation Bible School was a big part of our summer again as well as our family trip to Cannon Beach, OR on the last day of school. And THEN it happened… July came and so did Ironman Canada! Jer was amazing and I was incredibly proud of him! That same month Jer, son-in-law Eric and grandson Korban flew to Chicago and saw the Mariners play the Cubs at Wrigley Field. There’s nothing like seeing the baseball games in the old parks!

       August brought the Port Angeles Hurricane Ridge bike ride. By the way, did I mention, the summit for Hurricane Ridge is 5,240 feet? Grandson Byron and I drove to Spokane to visit Todd and family for a few days at their Badger Lake getaway. Byron tubed till dark every night!

        Jer began Bible Study Fellowship this fall. This is the same course Carole took for seven years. It’s a great way to fellowship and study God’s word. He also biked the Kitsap Color Classic 100K.

       Son Todd and family came our way several times this year bringing many fun stories and lots of laughter! Granddaughters Trista and Kiana both played soccer and Nana cheered loudly! We also enjoyed celebrating Todd’s birthday(big Mexican hat and all)while he was here in October!

       Carole continues to attend Bible study on Thursday mornings and still hangs out with the grandkids three days a week… but the kiddos are getting older now so her sitting time is only after school! She has also begun playing Bunco with daughter Denise and friends once a month!

       November was a busy month! Carole was invited to join friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a few days. It couldn’t have been nicer… a lovely timeshare, delicious food, beautiful sunsets and great strawberry margaritas… and the iguanas swimming with us in the pools added a special ambiance! Meanwhile… Jer and Eric once again headed east… but this time to Boston and Gillette Stadium for the NFL Seahawks/Patriots game. The Seahawks won… but seeing son Matt and family and daughter Lisa and Mike Hawkins helped ease the pain of the Patriot’s loss. Jer managed another trip to California this time sitting grandkids Kai and Zoe for a few days. Kai plays hockey and it’s always exciting to watch and video him. Jer also caught up with son Mike and stayed overnight with him in his new San Francisco digs before heading home.

       Thanksgiving this year was twice the fun and blessings… on Thursday with daughter Jani and family from Port Orchard and then again on Saturday with a surprise visit from son Todd and family. Thank God… Denise and Eric have a big home that everyone can fit into. Both days were great family gatherings and the dinners were delicious!

       That about brings us to the end of another year. I have no idea what the New Year will bring… but I do know that I’ll be walking every step of it with our LORD. I trust Him… and it is my greatest desire to live a life that praises and honors Him.

       Know we love you and are very thankful you’re a part of our lives. If you would like to see a few of our year 2016 photos, they are at Year 2016 In Pictures . We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with the joy and peace of knowing JESUS.

With Love and Warm Hugs,

Jer and Carole
"God Bless Us Each and Everyone"