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Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel…  

Merry Christmas and Praise be to God… It's once again the most wonderful time of the year!   2004 has been a delightful year of blessings and adventures!   We've been in our townhouse here in Auburn for almost two years now, and we absolutely love it!   We've decorated with little white Christmas lights everywhere this year (inside and outside) and are definitely lighting the way for Santa.   Speaking of lights… here are this years highlights…

New Year's Eve, 2004, we decided to stay in the neighborhood as one of our neighbors opened their home for a neighborhood house and garage party!  It was nice not to have to drive anywhere, and to spend some rare social time with our neighbors.   We walked home in time to watch the fireworks on TV from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, and have our traditional champagne toast.

With the arrival of two new grandchildren, Kiana Joy Kliskey and Trista Marie Dammel, our day care activities took on a dramatic increase.  Carole was present for the birth of both, Kiana in Seattle on December 27th, and Trista in Spokane on January 20th.   She has spent several days this year in Spokane playing with Trista and Logan at son Todd and Kristen's home.   She also plays every Monday and Tuesday with Kiana at daughter Denise and Eric's home in Federal Way.

In February, Jer went to Boston to begin the process of evaluating Mom's home for sale as this became necessary for her Assisted Living care expenses.  After several realtor proposals, we decided to post the house on the Internet, and see if a private sale were possible.  We were amazed when, after a week, we had 3 parties bidding, and all were over the asking price!   The house was closed to the new owners by April 15th.

March was a busy month in York, as both Carole and Jer began the task of cleaning out Mom's home after the offer was accepted.   It took a week of Herculean effort to separate, box, plan for storage, and sell or donate the remainder of the home effects.

In April, Trista Marie was baptized on Easter Sunday, in Spokane at the Central United Methodist Church.   It was a nice service with lots of family and friends in attendance.   A celebration dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant followed.   Later in April, son Mike and girl friend Toni, came for a visit.   We had a great time and tried out some new recipes.

Jer got serious about getting back into shape in May and began playing softball for the Auburn Seniors Co-ed team.   They played several times a week in a league with 17 other teams.   The team won more games than they lost, and ended the season as runner up in their division tournament.   Carole and Kiana Joy, came to many of the games and were very vocal in their support of the team.

Carole and Jer walked/ran the local 12K Sound to Narrows race in June.   This is an annual event held for many years in Tacoma.   The course is very scenic as it winds through the Point Defiance Park, and is very reminiscent of the many races we ran through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.   Nana and Papa also took a trip to Mammoth Mountain and played with grandson Kai while daughter Lynn and Ken went to Mexico on vacation.

July was the month of all months!   Jer decided to travel to Europe and see the Tour de France beginning at the halfway point in the Alps.   He flew on a standby status.   Big mistake!   He was supposed to be home in time to travel to Disneyland with Carole and family (10 in total).   It turned out that he couldn't get a seat home for over a week, and he finally ended up having to buy a ticket to Los Angeles so that he could join us.   We finally all were able to get together on the last day of the 3-day Disneyland trip!   Everyone had a great time, considering the different opinions on how to spend a day pass in Disneyland.   We got home just in time to get an orientation on our next project, a Russian businessman from Krasnoyarsk, a city in Eastern Russia.

We really enjoyed our Siberian guest and he quickly became part of the family.   Stanislav Stukalov was about 20 years younger than us.   He is the General Director and part owner of Siberian Ceramics, an integrated company that distributes Dutch tiles and other ceramic wall and floor tiles to building companies and private individuals.   We had a great visit and look forward to seeing him again one day.   Carole celebrated her Wenatchee High School 40th class reunion in August.   Reconnecting with "old" friends can be quite a hoot!

Jer had been waiting for his Medicare to kick in for several years and was fortunate to sign up for a medical plan that included a free lifetime membership at the local YMCA.   This is a brand new facility located about a 10-minute drive from our townhouse.   It has a great set of pools, and Jer is now on a regular exercise routine with winter bike training, swimming, and treadmill.   He has lost about 40 pounds so far!

Carole continues her Bible Study Fellowship classes.   This year in BSF she's studying the Book of Acts and the Book of Hebrews .   What a fascinating study!   September remains a fun month because of the Puyallup fair.   Nana always loves going with the kiddies and sampling all the fair food!   Yummmmmmm!

October brought a fun event to Waterford through the efforts of one of our neighbors, who wrote a comical play that parodied our Homeowner Association Board meetings and committees.   Carole was the Director and Jer was responsible for the technical aspects of the sound system.   It was great slapstick humor!   Jer made a quick trip to Boston in October to see how Mom was getting along after a fall she had experienced.   She spent a month regaining her former mobility, but is now once again enjoying her "home" at Sentry Hill.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with kids, grandkids, GG Helen, and friends.   Helen recently had a benign brain tumor removed and is doing incredibly well.   On November 14th, Kiana Joy was dedicated to the LORD at Northwest Church in Federal Way.   A celebration dinner followed at the Kliskeys.   This was truly a year of thanksgiving and celebration!

Daughter Jani, Brian, Kayla, Kaden and Byron; and daughter Lisa and Mike are all doing well.   Not a lot has changed since last year that hasn't already been mentioned.   We seem to be running out of room so we will only give you the latest news.   Son, Matt, Renee, and Madison Rose in Hingham, Massachusetts, are expecting a new little one in the Spring.   What a delight!   That will make 9 for Nana and Papa!

When you're in the Seattle area, give us a call.   Our home number is (253) 333-6841.   Our home address is: 6104 Marshall Ave.   SE, Unit B, Auburn, WA 98092.   You can also reach us on our cell phones at (253) 209-5515 or (253) 209-5436.   Our home E-mail address remains .   If you're browsing the Web and want to check out our personal Web site, you'll find it at .  Jer's business E-mail address remains

If you have a Personal Computer and can connect to the Internet you will find some of our Year 2004 photos at: Christmas 2004 Photos

Our prayer for you this Christmas is that your heart and home is filled with God's love, peace, and joy. May the grace of our LORD, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. We love you and are so glad you're a part of our lives!

With Warm Holiday Hugs,

Carole and Jerry Carpenter

"God Bless Us Each and Every One"