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Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests. Luke 2:14 (NIV)

The Year on Pictures

Hi Everyone! Hallelujah!! It's that wonderful time of year again. Where did the year go? Hmmm… Well, let's see…

The beginning of the year found us "hanging out" in Santa Cruz and Burlingame, CA for a few days with the "kids." Jer loves playing golf with Mike and I love the sunshine and blue sky! Lynn had bought a new home and we had fun helping her do some yard work and "settle in." Jer hopped a plane and enjoyed a visit with Mom in York, Maine for a month and also made a short trip to Sun City West, Arizona to play a little golf with his uncles before we took off on another international adventure.

In May, we accepted an assignment to Tbilisi, Georgia. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are the countries comprising the Caucasus Region. It was exciting to be in a part of the world where neither of us had ever been before. Jerry's assignment was to develop a revenue producing Internet news source from several that already existed in the Georgian language. A second project was to provide marketing training and business planning to an existing Web hosting company. Carole provided great input to the projects and also had a wonderful experience volunteering two days a week at a local orphanage.

On our way home we extended an overnight in Vienna into a week in the Czech Republic. We took the train to a small, very old, historic town called Cesky Krumlov. This town is a combination of Gothic, Medieval and Renaissance architecture and was definitely worth the 6-hour train ride. Besides, it was fun and quite relaxing just sitting back, playing cards, sipping Georgian wine and watching the rest of the world go by. After several days of sightseeing, we returned to Vienna, and then arrived home on the 3rd of July, just in time for the fireworks!

Two weeks later, we all celebrated Carole's 53rd birthday with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland! I don't know who was more excited… Kayla or Nana!

But I do know, it was one special birthday that will always be remembered. Disneyland always seems to bring out the kid in everyone and this trip was no exception.

In August, we attended the traditional Carpenter Reunion in New Hampshire, but this year, we decided to stay a little longer and discover what it was like to be a tourist in New England. We played several days in Boston and enjoyed going to a Red Sox game in Fenway Park. We also stayed at several bed and breakfasts from Nantucket to Bar Harbor, Maine. Along the way, Jer did a little genealogical research in Trenton and Harpswell, Maine. Jerry decided to DRIVE back to New England again in September and October for more detailed research in Quebec, Canada, then to Portland, Augusta, and North Waterboro, Maine as well as Boston and Somersworth, NH. It's been exciting discovering more about our ancestry. It turns out, at one time, we both had ancestors living close to each other in the State O' Maine! Between 1750 and 1800 Nicholas Carpenter and Jesse Duston both lived in Maine, one in North Waterboro and one in Fryeburg. Nicholas is Jerry's 5th great grandfather and Jesse is Carole's 5th great grandfather.

Carole is on a learning curve! She completed a Leadership Skills seminar in March and another course on the "Art of Relating" in September. She's also involved in BSF International (Bible Study Fellowship) a large women's group that meets weekly and are serious about studying the Bible. This involves quite a bit of homework. And, since the studying was fun and interesting, she decided, "What the heck, I'll go to college, too!" So… the plans are now to have a degree in "something" at age 60!! Today Philosophy and Psychology are frontrunners, but things could change tomorrow! We'll keep you posted!

Our kids have had an interesting year as well. Lynn is still in the marketing area of Netscape's Netcenter, now the property of AOL. AOL merged with Netscape this year and Lynn was one of the Netscape management team who transitioned to a significant place in the new organization. Mike changed professions and is now a senior sales representative for an international shipping company, Surfair. Lisa had an interesting summer, as she decided to spend a month in South America living with an Ecuadorian family. This was in conjunction with her teaching assignment of Spanish in the Keene, NH public schools. She was trained to teach French and did so for several years, but now has been asked to teach Spanish and wanted the speaking experience that a South American family would give. She and Mike enjoy restoring their New England country home. Matt, who lives in Hingham, MA also changed careers, getting out of real estate sales and rentals and into sales of graphic production work for major companies. Madison Rose loves learning on the computer and keeps Matt and Renee busy answering great questions. Knock, knock… Who's there…? Ahhh… the wonder of age four!

It's so nice being close to our children and grandchildren. Being a Nana and watching Kayla and Logan grow, is a pure delight! Denise and Eric remain busy with their church activities. Denise works for Alaska Airlines and as a result, they have enjoyed many "mini" vacations this year. Eric earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer rating and continues to support the users hardware and software at BankAmerica. Jani is still working at Applebee's, but is thinking about other options. And, the big news is… Joel will graduate Dec. 11th from Pacific Lutheran U. with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and plans to teach fulltime in January. We're all very excited for him! We still haven't talked Todd into moving to this side of the Cascades. He loves being a dad and has a new position at MetWest in Spokane.

If you're in the Seattle area, give us a call (253) 891-2910 or if you need a place to stay, our guestroom is always ready for company. Our business E-mail address is and our home E-mail address remains If you're browsing the Web and want to check out our Web site, it is On this page are many links including our business, Continental Consulting Strategies.

As the new millennium arrives, we wish you Love, Joy and Peace. May all our hearts be renewed and reminded of our many blessings and may we truly be filled with praise and thanksgiving to God. We love you and are really glad you're a part of our lives.

With Warm Holiday Hugs,

Carole and Jerry Carpenter

"God Bless Us Each and Every One"