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… Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! ~
Philippians 4:4

Hi Everyone! Praise God… that wonderful time of year is here again and I'm not sure who's more excited… the grandkids, Santa or us! We even started decorating our home before Thanksgiving this year! Our year has been abundantly blessed with lots of love, family time, surprises, fun, celebration, change, change… and more change! Life around our home is never boring!

Once again we celebrated New Year's Eve in formal duds. Jer secretly planned a gala evening on the Spirit of Seattle… a cruise ship complete with dining, dancing and fireworks at midnight over the Seattle skyline. What a sweetheart… he also reserved a room in a downtown Seattle hotel so we could sleep until noon the next day. We woke up to a great view overlooking the water and lots of sunshine… a perfect way to bring in the New Year!

On February 8th we became new grandparents! Daughter, Jani delivered a beautiful baby boy and named him Byron after his Great Uncle. He has an infectious smile and is a pure joy to be around! Nana has the honor & delight of babysitting a couple days a week. Near the end of the month Jer returned to Yerevan, Armenia for a second IESC assignment.

We enjoyed two fun events in May… a local theater performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (one of my favorites) and a Red Sox/Mariners game at Safeco Field in Seattle. It was great fun cheering for BOTH teams! We also enjoyed a visit from son Mike.

One highlight this summer was Carole volunteering in Glory Town USA (our Vacation Bible School program). It was even more special because our grandson Logan and granddaughter Kayla both attended each day with Nana. Carole also wrote and gave her personal testimony in church this summer. Jer enjoyed trips to Maine… visiting Mom, son Matt, granddaughter Maddie and daughter Lisa. He also made a quick trip to California to see daughter Lynn's new house. In August we had a fun day-trip to the ocean and attended the first Washington state Dustin reunion in over 25 years! Talk about a blast from the past!

September found us cleaning and staining 2200 square feet of deck, dock and steps! I told Jer, "That's a house!" What a job… but it all looks great now! When we finally finished, we took a well-deserved break. Jer was in a golf tournament (actually on the 11th) in Wenatchee and then on the 29th we celebrated Todd's wedding in Spokane. Carole continues her BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) classes. This year we're studying Exodus. WOW… what a great story!

In October we discovered a fun way to spend Friday nights… watching our granddaughter, Kayla while she played her first soccer games. What a kick… no pun intended! Nana wanted to get out there with them, but restrained herself to lots of cheering instead. Kayla began kindergarten this fall. She loves reading, playing games, and has a flair for drama. Needless to say… Nana is counting the days until the first school Christmas program!

As tradition has it, we began talking about our need for an exercise program two days before our Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for next years Christmas letter to hear about the results!

Following the advice of our President, we've done some early Christmas shopping for ourselves… a new computer for Carole and a new satellite dish with all the "goodies" for Jer. Hopefully someday Carole will figure out how to use at least ONE of them!

Our kids have made some changes in their lives, too. Lynn no longer works for Netscape. She is remodeling a new home in Santa Cruz, CA. Mike continues to work as a tech specialist for Keynote Systems. His work keeps him traveling a lot. Matt is now a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company in the Boston/Cape Cod area. His work also involves a lot of traveling. Madison Rose began first grade this fall. She's a precocious… almost seven year-old, who enjoys reading and nature. Lisa and Mike are still enjoying their New England country home and Lisa continues to teach school in Keene, NH.

Denise and Eric are thoroughly enjoying their home in Federal Way. Denise continues to work for Alaska Airlines as does Eric for Nordstrom's. They went on a mission trip to Guam this year. Jani is enjoying being a full-time mom and part-time waitress at a nearby German Restaurant. It's great having them close by. Todd & Kristen are enjoying married life in Spokane. Logan began first grade this fall and is doing great! He loves sports and math.

We've redecorated our guestroom! If you're in the Seattle area, give us a call (253) 891-2910 and drop in for a visit. You can tell us if we got a good deal on the new sofa bed we just purchased. Our home E-mail address remains     If you're browsing the Web and want to check out our personal Web site, click on    Jer's put a lot of time and energy into our personal pages… so grab a large cup of coffee and ENJOY! Jer's business E-mail address remains

May your FAITH, HOPE and LOVE remain strong in the New Year and may you find comfort and great joy in your abundance of blessings. It's time to love like you've never been hurt… and to dance like no one is watching... It's time to humbly thank GOD for His Great MERCY, GRACE and LOVE. May we be ever mindful that each day is the day that the LORD hath made… Let us truly REJOICE and CELEBRATE! We love you and are so glad you're a part of our lives!

With Warm Holiday Hugs,

Carole and Jerry Carpenter

"God Bless Us Each and Every One"