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Independence Day 2020

What Can We Do?

Stand Up For Your Country!

I am an unwavering supporter of the USA, its Judeo-Christian founding principles and a patriot for the Rule of Law and the fair justice it can bring. My feelings about the status of our country have caused me to be sad, uncertain, fearful, angry, powerless and at the same time, hopeful that those of us who feel powerless can take some action to support constructive changes. The destruction I am witnessing all over the major cities of the US in the name of change has no place in a democratic republic. A republic which has been a haven for the oppressed, a bright future for the immigrants, and has provided benevolent support in the form of both protection and financial support for the troubled countries of the world. Yes, we have made mistakes in the past, but have not resisted making changes in a lawful way to discard our historically bad decisions. And we need to continue these lawful changes in light of recent events.

We are witnessing unlawful actions by a few who have no idea of the history that has made the US the most benevolent and successful country in history. These are the looters and rioters intent on mob violence who are the unknowing pawns of the organizations that are intent on changing this country into a socialist government. What can any of us do who just want the truth, justice for all, and a peaceful existence ? My view on that is that we need to visibly demonstrate our allegiance to our way of life which has brought prosperity to so many. If you have an American flag, display it. If you have patriotic items, display them on holidays. Respect our flag and join others saying the Pledge of Allegiance. And most of all, STAND UP for what you believe in. I only kneel before my God and his son Jesus Christ, respecting those who died defending our freedoms. Our democratic republic is founded on making changes to our laws by the vote of "We The People". Use that privilege whenever you have the opportunity. Give the Office of the Presidency the respect it deserves, even if disagreeing with the some actions of the occupant. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God Bless You and God Bless The USA!

- page created by Gerald H. Carpenter July 4, 2020

- revised July 30, 2020 added the Singing Sergeants

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